Exile Editions

“Exile Editions is an independent Toronto-based publisher since 1976. Exile’s history of publishing is established and well recognized (with over 450 titles published to date; 145 magazine issues), and both houses act like an antenna, locating and attracting diverse voices, searching out, discovering, and encouraging the most distinctive new writing at home and abroad.

Exile Editions and Exile Quarterly aim to produce works of literary distinction in the genres of fiction, poetry, non-fiction, drama, and in translation, with an emphasis on new generation and emerging writers, as well as Aboriginal, francophone, and the culturally diverse. Each year we bring out 12-16 books which present the wide range of creativity, innovation and excellence of Ontario’s and Canada’s writers, in all their diversity.

Our books and magazines are aimed at an audiences of educated mainstream through niche readers, be that young adults with an interest in what the emerging/new generation voice has to say in relation to their own experiences, through urban women with an interest in well-conceived and contemporary fiction and non-fiction, to residents of Southern Ontario who are looking to enjoy the “voices of our Province,” and on to the wide spectrum of national and international readers who engage in reading top-quality literature. Overall, we operate as a first-rate literary house should – our role being one to engage in creating and defining a “new mainstream” by publishing works that reflect a broad diversity of Ontario’s and Canada’s sensibilities and cultural backgrounds.” From Exile’s Facebook page.


Who is Exile Editions?

President/Publisher: Michael Callaghan
Editor-in-chief: Barry Callaghan
Administration and Accounting/Book Orders and Back List: Gabriela Campos
All other inquiries: General Information, or telephone: 519 334 3634

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